My new very short story, “Upshot”

Upshot book cover final

“Upshot” — A blind woman, a semiautomatic pistol and an incendiary device.

A very short story – just right for reading waiting for customer service to answer!

Available FREE at most ebook outlets, and available in DRM-free files for all devices. (I will add more stores as the story becomes available through them.)

Smashwords (You can get this story FREE in all ebook file formats. Download the story and then side-load it in to any device you want to read it on.)

Apple / iBooks (iPhone, iPod, iPad) (Also available for FREE via all of Apple’s other nation-specific online stores)

Kindle (In order to get this story for FREE for your Kindle follow this link, download the .mobi file and then side-load it in to your Kindle.)

Nook / Barnes and Noble

Kobo (Also available for FREE from all of Kobo’s nation-specific online stores.)

Indigo (Canada)


Deran Ludd reading “Upshot”


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