No Aloha (The Friendly Happy Music Of The Past)

“In a makeshift family of necessity and love, four kids fight and rob their way across civil war ravaged Denver, Colorado. At the end of the 20th century the United States has collapsed under the crushing weight of bloody Christian extremism and the rapacious free markets. As the UN abandons efforts to stabilize the former United States, the four kids desperately push on through the ruined cityscape toward a twilight mirage of the American Dream.”

No Aloha is a dark tale of misadventure, with a fiery center of woe.

(c) 2010, revised and updated digital edition, Deran Ludd
(c) 1999, original print edition, Deran Ludd, Semiotext(e)

Available via:

Smashwords (all file formats)



iBooks (iTunes required)



Blio / Baker&Taylor

Chapter / Indigo (Canada)

Flipkart  (India)


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