Hypnotizing Chickens

“A well-paying working vacation in picturesque New Mexico. Two women, on assignment to kill someone else’s irritant, end up playing a near deadly game of race and gender, just to get breakfast.”

Smashwords (international)

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Kindle (Hypnotizing Chickens is FREE direct for download  at the US Amazon store, but cost the equivalent to  $.99 US in all other national Amazon stores. If you can not download Hypnotizing Chickens from Amazon.com for FREE from the US Amazon store, you can download the FREE .mobi file at Smashwords and sideload it into your Kindle. Follow the Smashwords link above.)

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Barnes&Noble (USA/Canada)

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FNAC (France)

Mondadori (Italy)

Rakuten (Japan)

Whitcoulls (New Zealand)

Baker and Taylor Blio


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